Gaaahhh! What is in my stomach? (FAWM update)

Probably TMI, but there’s a horrific stomach bug going around, and I’ve got it … so my body is currently dictating my final entries of my FAWM, and they are at present lyric-only or instrumental.

I’m still not thrilled with the music for #8; I have decent music for #9, now though, I just can’t sing because of the quesiness. I wrote #10 on Monday, the day the neighbors called the cops on me, and avoided touching the guitar until the practice space came together, so losing four days was problematic. It’s a shame, because I really like #10, and it’s a legitimately mostly-happy bluegrassy/old-timey love song, which I don’t think I’ve written since … the first track on my solo album ten years ago. The lyrics for number 11 came together fairly quickly on Thursday and Friday, and I think I’ve got a working tune. It’s a song about an advertising executive. I want to write a cool guitar part for it, but no appropriate riffiness is coming out at the moment.

Fortunately Matt Pless gave me the day off from the recording session we had today and I got lots of sleep and wrote a jig. I’m also staying home from work tomorrow so I don’t pass this horrible, horrible crap onto anyone else. I’m pretty sure I’ll still make #14 (I can write two songs in four days no problem, right?), but the likelihood of recording demos for the second half of songs is currently very, very low, and there might be another instrumental in the mix, though I do have unfinished lyric ideas for three songs left.


2 responses

  1. Keep chuggin’ my friend. I’m in the hole myself but I’ll make it one way or another!

  2. PS- thanks for the comments on my song/lyrics. I appreciate the complement. I can’t really judge this stuff yet, too close. But I hope they will look good to me a month or two from now.

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