Possibly the weirdest music thing I’ve DIYed … (work in progress)

It’s a practice space in my basement!

Practice space

It’s small (about 6.5′ x 8′), but cozy. It’s a work in progress. I painted the drywall today. I don’t think I can paint the plaster, so it’s just going to get blankets hung on it, while the drywall is going to have a picture or two. I need a small rug or something to go under the piano, and a piano bench or drum throne to replace  the chair. There’s a loveseat under where I took the picture. I have some small Ikea shelves to hold things. I also need to get something to stuff the ceiling to cut down on some sound travelling — probably just old pillows and stuff like that.

It’s especially nice to have space to set up the piano again. I haven’t played it for a long time and was a little worried I’d forgotten how, but I played “Better Off Without a Wife” on it as soon as I moved the music stuff in and can still manage drunken Waits chords.

I still won’t be able to play loud — it’s not exactly an isolation booth — but I should be able to play at what I consider a normal volume without my neighbors calling the cops on me, which is something they’ve started doing even for me playing an acoustic guitar.

Mr Sanders


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