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Check out the new Saturday Matinee streaming series on the Midway Fair YouTube!

Recent Releases

Pirate A.M. Waves is my 2021 February Album Writing Month album — 12 full recordings of loneliness, fear, and finding hope in strange places. Highlights include the title track, “Spirit Bear,” “I’m Not a Builder” (a lyrics collaboration with Joe Scala), and “Pildown Man.”

Lost is a four-track EP with refugees from FAWM 2020 and 2021. These songs didn’t fit on other albums but I thought needed to see the light of day.

For more recordings, please check “Sounds I Make” page.

Midway Fair’s 2019 release

For more music from my band, Midway Fair, please visit the band’s website.

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6 responses

  1. very nice , really dig the vox AND the guitars , excellent production too . i wont say who this reminds me of because that is rude , but the vocals are a lot better , similar “dark” vibe … you have an excellent voice .

    1. >because that is rude

      I wouldn’t consider it rude. 🙂

  2. Really dig Can’t swim in the harbor. Excellent warm sound, great voice and such awesome song!

  3. Hi Jon! A fellow diystompBoxer here, catch my drift? Love these new tunes, great as always!

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