PCB projects:

I currently have PCBs available for the following projects:

Clipper Ship Overdrive: $6.50
Fallstaff Germanium Booster (board contains a minor error that is easy to correct): $1.50
Mossy Sloth Fuzzy OD: $7 (PCBs remaining: 6)
Rust Bunny (with buffers): $7

Shipping is $0.99 domestic and $1.38 international for up to three boards. The price is for the PCB only.

PCBs for my projects sold by other people:
Cardinal Tremolo at 1776 Effects.
Bearhug Compressor at 1776 Effects.

Blue Warbler (single stage) at JMK PCBs.
Tap Tempo Hamlet at JMK PCBs.

Cruz Driver at TH Custom.

So you want me to build you a pedal …

I’m primarily a DIY guy, and I encourage others to build their own stuff. So I don’t sell many pedals. But … I’ve gotten enough requests that I needed to put this information online.

What you get: A hand-build pedal with through-hole components with cute hand-painted artwork. A lifetime warranty for parts and labor (partially transferable).

You may chose the base coat color (from the few basic options at Smallbear) of any pedal if you chose to get custom art. I used to get all my enclosures from Pedal Parts Plus, which had a lot more colors available. Unfortunately, their new pricing scheme means that I’m unable to offer even their basic colors as a free upgrade. If you want a special color through them, it will carry an upcharge in the amount of the actual cost difference between the Smallbear painted enclosure and the PPP painted enclosure. Special orders require a longer lead time.

A quick note about colors: If you want any sort of complicated artwork or very fine lettering, it’s typically best to stick with white (or another light color), as that gives more options for paint colors on the graphic.

Ordering: For an order form, click on the picture of the pedal. You can copy and paste it into an e-mail, then E-mail me at jonspatton@gmail.com and we’ll work out any necessary details. I will provide you with an ETA. Payment is due upon completion of the pedal. So don’t order until you are ready to pay.

Custom artwork is always a free upgrade. Standard art for each pedal is shown below. Prices do not include shipping or mods.

Fallstaff OD

Falstaff Boost

Clipper Ship 2

Clipper Ship OD

Blue Warbler top

Blue Warbler Envelope Vibrato

Bearhug compressor

Bearhug Compressor







Hamlet Delay #3

Hamlet Delay

Cardinal trem #1

Cardinal Harmonic Tremolo

Mossy Sloth Fuzz #1

Mossy Sloth Fuzzy OD

Snow Day Overdrive -- $130. Owner's manual.

Polar Bear (aka Snow Day) Overdrive


Limited Builds

The following builds were originally short run circuit board projects, custom builds or designs that I retained permission to build, or deviations from classic projects that I have found interesting enough to build more than once. Consequently, there is no “standard” build but they are not quite as free-form as a custom build. You could think of them as “semi-custom.”

Cruz Drive - Red knobs

Cruise Drive Overdrive and Boost

Rust Bunny

Rust Bunny Fuzz (Many options!)

Orhan Fuzz

Orphan Fuzz

Swamp Comp bog of eternal stench1

Swamp Comp/Fuzz







.Custom work
Got something special in mind, or see something you like on my “Things I Make” page? Contact me and we’ll see if it can be done. Be advised of the following:
1. I will not make you a clone of an in-production pedal, no matter who manufactures it!
2. A layout or PCB must exist, and it must be approved for commercial use.
3. The quote will be based on the price of the parts and the labor intensity of the build. Transistor matching, rare or expensive parts, and complex or finicky circuits can all add to the cost.

Shipping: I ship USPS either first class with insurance (in the amount of the purchase price) and tracking, or priority mail (which is already insured and tracked). Your invoice will reflect the actual shipping cost as calculated on USPS.com, plus $1 for the shipping box. For international customers: I usually recommend shipping first class/par avion. This shipping method does not have tracking beyond the US border. However, the postal service in your home country may have its own tracking system. That’s true for packages arriving here. Priority shipping is usually prohibitively expensive, for example $42 for a mini pedal to Australia.

General warranty: For firsthand owners: I will provide a lifetime warranty for repair labor and parts, and will cover the shipping charges to return the pedal to you. For all secondhand owners: I will provide repairs free of labor and parts costs, but you will need to cover all shipping costs. Restrictions for abuse apply. The most common form of abuse is using the wrong power supply. The user’s manual for your pedal will tell you how to power your pedal. Do not use an incompatible power supply. For instance, if you use the wrong power supply with the Hamlet Delay and it destroys the charge pump chip, you will be charged for the cost of the chip and shipping both ways.

Returns: Almost all of the pedals I sell are by request with custom art. I try to work with each buyer to ensure that a pedal will be right for them with their gear. However, I recognize that sometimes it just isn’t meant to be, so I do have something of a return policy: For standard art and standard builds (NO mods and NO custom art): I will accept a return for any reason within 14 days for the purchase price, minus the cost of shipping. The pedal must be in the same condition you received it, so don’t put velcro on it until you’re sure. For pedals with custom art: I will accept returns and will refund 75% of the purchase price, minus shipping costs. The 25% restocking fee is to cover the cost of the parts and labor for an enclosure that cannot be reused. (Everything else can be rehoused.) If the custom art is fairly generic and I think it’s possible to resell the returned pedal to another buyer at full price, at my discretion I may choose to waive the restocking fee. For pedals with modifications from the standard build: I will refund the base cost of the pedal, minus the cost of the modifications (i.e., the $5 for the clipping option switch on a Clipper Ship is non-refundable). If the modification required an alteration to the enclosure (extra knob or extra LED, etc.), the refund price will be 75% of the purchase price, because the enclosure cannot be reused. This doesn’t stack with the custom art restocking fee; in other words, if you have both custom art AND a modification that alters the enclosure, the refund is still 75%. (The 25% is just to cover the parts and labor of the enclosure itself.) For custom work (builds of pedals that aren’t one of the designs named on this page): No returns, but the pedal is of course still covered by warranty.

Liability disclaimer: In all cases, liability is limited to the cost of the purchased pedal.


3 responses

  1. Jon, saw your pieces for sale on craigslist. I am not knowledgable about this but what i am interested in is , I think, a device that allows me to record a track and then hit the petal again and allows a 2nd track, so I could record a bass line then a chord line and then play back while I play melody. This is for a Dulcimer. I saw a guy with one of these, and he used it to lay a bass and chord line down and then play the melody along with it. I don’t know if I am explaining this right, but is thia something you build ? Thanks

  2. Hello,
    Very nice stuff. I got a pcb marked Cardinal in a trade. Its not the madbean variant, similar to the Cardinal v1 but not 100%. Did you ever do a pcb in blue, or have you ever sold PCB’s? Thanks

    1. Can you send me a picture of it? Is it small (like 1590A sized)?

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