Sounds I Make

If you’re looking for my recordings with Midway Fair, please visit that site.

This is my 2021 full-length album for February Album Writing Month. As might be expected given the events of the previous year, themes of fear, loneliness, and despair have crept into the songs, but mixed with this darkness, and exemplified by the title track, are glimmers of hope found in the strangest places.

I also released a short collection of four acoustic tracks from 2020’s and 2021’s February Album Writing Month — songs that didn’t quite fit on other records.

This is my 2016 February Album Writing Month album — 13 new tracks in a wide variety of styles. I’m particularly fond of “(Caught Between) The Hammer and Nail” and “Go Down, Oh Troubles.” It’s avialable on Bandcamp for “name your price” in any format you like.

This is an EP of Scottish folk songs I recorded for St. Andrew’s day 2015. This one’s online only, and a free download.

This is my 2015 February Album Writing album. I liked the recordings enough to do a very small print run and put it up on Bandcamp, where it can be downloaded for “name your price.”

This is the “Baltimericana” EP, a collaboration with my buddy Joe Scala (who’s also in Midway Fair). Joe did a wonderful job producing it and it has a real home-recording vibe … maybe because it was home recorded! Be sure to check out the Song Sources posts about these songs. You can stream the whole thing or download it for whatever you think it’s worth.

This is a playlist of my 2014 FAWM challenge:

Here are some highlights from my 2013 February Album Writing Month challenge.

Also, my old 2003 album is now up on Bandcamp. You can stream the whole thing or download it for whatever you think it’s worth.

All my recordings are released under the Creative Commons, share alike (no commercial without permission).


July 10, 2016 and July 24, 2016: With Midway Fair at Ledbetters, 1639 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231. 5-9.

June 4, 2016: Songwriter’s round robin at Edith May’s Paradise (7711 Apple Road, Jessup, MD) with Georgie Jessup, John Seay, and Christina Van Norman. This is a house show but open to the public. BYOB and potluck!

August 13, 2016: Opening for Letitia Van Sant at Edith May’s Paradise (7711 Apple Road, Jessup, MD). One of my favorite songwriters anywhere, and she lives right here in Baltimore!

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If you’ve landed here looking for my band, Midway Fair, they’re over on

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