This is where you end up when you first go to my website! Exciting!

Midway Fair’s summer schedule is on its way, and we’ll have a new recording soon.
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My band, Midway Fair, has an awesome show coming up at Joe Squared in Baltimore on August 8 with some really great local (and local-ish) musicians. If you know anyone in the area and you like my playing, please share this!

Some recent exciting things:

I completed FAWM (February Album Writing Month) again this year. Head over to the blog to read about it and hear some new tunes!

This is my “Baltimericana” EP. You can read about it on the Blog, and it’s a free download from Bandcamp.

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3 responses

  1. very nice , really dig the vox AND the guitars , excellent production too . i wont say who this reminds me of because that is rude , but the vocals are a lot better , similar “dark” vibe … you have an excellent voice .

    1. >because that is rude

      I wouldn’t consider it rude. :)

  2. Really dig Can’t swim in the harbor. Excellent warm sound, great voice and such awesome song!

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